Takeshigero "Kyoto cuisine restaurant.Since 1716."

Kyoto-cuisine menu

This is cuisine for celemony

In the course of years in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, ceremonial imperial-court culinary art, Zen style vegetarian diet and simple Tea ceremony dish have been blended into the one whole called kyo-Kaiseki,Kyoto style cuisine. Polished and enhanced by sensitive aesthetic awareness, Kyo-Kaiseki has gained the highest reputation as one of the traditional Japanese culture and art.

Kyo-Kaiseki features creative presentation of essential beauty of changing four seasons in Japan.

Delicacies in season exclusively chosen from all lands and seas for each occasion, delicate seasoning to retain and bring out their natural flavour and colour, and select crockery...all are harmonized into an exquisite work of art to please your eyes and your appetite.

Kyo-Kaiseki culinary art is indeed an art. And this is the tradition Takeshigero has Proudly inherited from the Minokichi.

Takeshigero is, and will always be, a creative stage for a new drama of Kyoto cuisine to be played for your dining pleasure.

Our Basic Kaiseki includes

  1. Sakituke : appetizer
  2. Suimono : light soup
  3. Otsukuri : slice raw fish
  4. Oshinogi : savoury
  5. Kuchitori : assorted dish in season
  6. Yakimono : broiled dish
  7. Takiawase : broiled dish in broth
  8. Gohan,Konomono : steamed rice and pickles
  9. Mizumono : fruits in season
  10. Maccha : green tea with a sweet

*Each dish is served leisurely and timely in a private room

Lunch : 7,560 - 16,200.
Dinner : 16,200 - 32,400.
*Service charge of 10% for lumch, 20% for dinner

Season Tasting Plan

In Takeshigero,we have conveied culture through Kyo-kaiseki 4 times a year, on Hina-Matsuri,Tanabata,Otsukimi and Toshiwasure in order to cherish Japanese spirit which Japanese new tend to forget.

In this event all of you can enjoy special cuisine while watching the traditional entertament in Kyoto, dance performed by apprentice geisha and geisha.

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