Takeshigero "Kyoto cuisine restaurant.Since 1716."

History of Takeshigero

Minokichi in 1716

The Minokichi was founded in 1716 as one of the eight licensed restaurants to seve fresh water fish authorized by Shogunate's Kyoto Administration and it has always been making a history of Kyoto cusine.

The Minokichi was originally located near the Sanjo Bridge, the terminal of the old Tokaido highway. It's excellent food and service ensured a great success for the Minokichi to flourish over the centuries as the most renowned restaurant in Kyoto under the patronage of nobility and dignitaries.

The Minokichi was moved to the present location in 1950 and reborn in 1992 as Takeshigero, which literally means "bamboo-thick restaurant".
(bamboo is one of the three goodluck trees symbolizing prosperity and perseverance,as it grows into full size only in a couple of months, strong enough to sustain heavy snowfall.)

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