What is Kyo-Kaiseki(Kyoto Kaiseki)?

Kyoto cuisine is the origin of Japanese cuisine, in its precise use of ingredients and its spare flavoring thatutilizes the natural flavor of the ingredients themselves, we can see the characteristics of Japanese food. Cuisine that uses Kyoto vegetables grown in the clay-like soil of the Kyoto suburbs, making them superior to those of anywhere else: this is the essence of Kyoto cuisine. Yet another utterly unique characteristic of Kyoto cuisine is the painstaking care given to cooking that prepares dried and salted saltwater fish brought to Kyoto, which lies so far from the sea, in a wide variety of ways.

The flavor and technique of Kyoto Kaiseki cuisinethat Takeshigero creates.

Minokichi has made and served freshwater fish cuisine  for generations, and has made freshwater fish cuisine a characteristic of the cuisine of Kyoto, which lies far from the sea, but is nearby Lake Biwa and the Kamo River. Therefore, at Takeshigero, we make sure to include freshwater fish dishes, which are our specialty, in all of our Kaiseki cuisine courses, each of which are made up of different individual Kyoto cuisine dishes. Please enjoy the sublime combinations of colorful cuisines that change with the four seasons. Based on the motto, “heart comes before words,” we at “Kyo-Kaiseki Minokichi Main Restaurant: Takeshigero“ wish to advance limitlessly towards tomorrow.

10th Head: Rikifusa

9th Head: Saiji

8th Head: Kichibe

7th Head: Kichinosuke

6th Head: Kichibe